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If someone owes you money, Sandlin Law Group can help collect it

Sandlin Law Group is a full service attorney collection agency.

Personal Attention

Sandlin Law Group is large enough to collect on your account, but small enough that you are not reduced to just a number. 

Our personal service is what sets us apart from the rest. We offer our services on a contingency basis. We don’t get paid until you get paid (a contract for legal representation is required). Our goal is to recover your money as fast as we can.

Being an attorney based collection agency, Sandlin Law Group takes the approach of using the court system to its fullest. We will garnish wages and/or bank accounts when needed to recover your money.

Landlord Tenant

It is an unfortunate part of the rental business, but too often your tenant leaves owing you money.

Sandlin Law Group can assist you in collecting that money. If Sandlin Law Group filed the eviction, we can combine the collection process into that law suit. This approach tends to be a faster way to obtain a judgment and a return of unpaid debt.

If a tenant simply skipped without eviction and left owing you money, Sandlin Law Group can help to collect the debt.

Small Business Collections

Accounts receivable in a small office can have a devastating effect on your business if left unanswered.

Sandlin Law Group can assist your small business in collecting unpaid accounts or invoices. There is no fee in allowing Sandlin Law Group to collect on this valuable source of revenue until monies are recovered (a contract for legal representation is required).

Business & Corporate Clients

Businesses and corporate clients do not always need a full-time attorney to ask questions or to rely on. Some law firms simply bill their clients to a point that their clients are hesitant to call or email with even a quick question for fear of a $35.00 phone call or email bill.

Sandlin Law Group cares about the success of its business and corporate clients. Don’t guess at a major decision in your business. Give Sandlin Law Group a call. We work with businesses and corporate clients to achieve the best result in a manner that meets our legal and ethical obligations, yet that is efficient and cost-conscious for our clients.

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