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It is often better to settle matters without the involvement of an attorney

Yet, many matters and disputes will benefit tremendously from the assistance of an attorney. Attorney assistance can be as simple as an attorney letter or a phone call. Sometimes, it may be necessary to file a law suit. Some disputes may be resolved through mediation. Sandlin Law Group can help you with disputes at any stage.

Litigations Attorneys

Sandlin Law Group offers clients in Indiana a wide range of legal solutions, including litigations attorneys. So often, you may wish to avoid hiring legal counsel, but it is usually of the utmost importance in almost any legal matter.

Litigation can take many forms, and is not limited strictly to the courtroom. You may think you need support from someone like an evictions attorney only to discover your matter involves several other aspects of Indiana law. This is the time to get in touch with our team. Often, our clients would like some sort of resolution, and we can guide them towards the ideal path, whether it is mediation, a lawsuit, or a simple letter from a litigation attorney.

Landlords and Small Businesses

The Sandlin Group was started with a focus on landlords and small businesses, and though we have expanded our expertise over time, we still provide business owners, landlords, and individuals with solid legal solutions. Whether your answer is through a traditional lawsuit or mediation outside of the courts, our litigations attorneys can help.


Any litigation attorney can represent a defendant or plaintiff in a non-criminal case, handling all phases of the process. When you work with a litigations attorney from Sandlin Law Group, we can deal with investigations, and all pre-trial matters, settlements and appeals. However, a litigation lawyer can also help to avoid court through mediation. The focus of our team is to help you with a dispute or legal matter at any stage.

Diverse Legal Matters

In addition to making litigations lawyers available, we have a diverse team capable of rolling other aspects of your legal matters into your overall case or handling. For example, you may work with a litigations lawyer, but also benefit from speaking with our evictions attorneys, or a debt collections lawyer. Wherever there is the potential for legal overlap, we are happy to suggest the most appropriate solutions.

Naturally, we like to help clients avoid the need for litigation or any sort of lawsuits, and this is why we have expanded our legal team and expertise over the years. In addition to providing a litigation attorney, we have collections lawyers, personal injury attorneys, family law experts, criminal law attorneys, evictions lawyers, and more.

Legal Counsel

When you are considering a lawsuit and need legal counsel in the Indianapolis area (our coverage extends from Marion County to Hamilton, Hendricks, Hancock, Delaware, Boone, and Madison counties), we are happy to consult with you and offer you the best advice possible. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today to speak with one of our legal team. You can contact our office at (317) 383-0000.

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